10 Worst Trends In Video Game DLC

DLC can be a contentious topic among gamers. At its best, DLC is even more content from gamers’ favorite games. It can be heartfelt, engaging, and made with as much passion as the base game. However, some gamers see the DLC as a way for studios to get as much money as possible from the games and their loyal customers.

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There’s no denying that downloadable content has seen some unfortunate trends in gaming. Certain pieces of DLC have traits that justify their controversial reputation. Some of these are in the past, and some persist in the present. Some even appear in otherwise popular pieces of downloadable content.

DLC on disc and day one

Javik in the Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC.

DLC is meant to be additional content. It is supposed to be added to a game after its release. However, some studies have attempted to stretch this definition. They offer DLC on the first day of the game’s release. In the most extreme cases, these pieces of DLC are on the disc. Players buy the ability to unlock it.

Players do not see these DLCs as additional content. They see them as parts of the paid game that should come with the base price. mass effect 3‘s From the ashes it is known for including major story beats and coming out on release day. other games like Evolve they have also dragged down their reputation by releasing DLC ​​alongside the base game.

Heavy Asset Reuse

Rose points her gun at a mold in the Resident Evil Village Gold Shadows Of Rose DLC.

Asset reuse is a fundamental part of game development. Most studios reuse textures, environments, and even enemies to reduce development time. When done right, this is not a problem. However, it can be lazy when players see the same thing over and over again. This goes double for DLC, as players have paid for something new.

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many of DestinationThe DLC enemies are revamped versions of the enemies from the base game. Resident Evil Village‘s shades of pink DLC is famous for the amount it reuses from the base game. It can make the DLC forgettable and tedious. Players may wonder if the purchase is worth it to get so little new content.

pay to win

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia game art.

DLC often includes new characters, weapons, or equipment for players to use. It’s one of the best ways to add compelling content to a DLC and ensure that players want to buy it. Many gamers are willing to pay to access new features in their favorite games. It gets controversial when these tools are better than anything else in the base game.

In multiplayer games, this practice is abhorrent because it gives paying players an advantage over those who only buy the base game. Even in single player games, it can feel like the game is going out of its way to punish players who don’t want to buy more content. DLC characters and weapons should feel different from existing content. They shouldn’t be outright improvements.

short length

The Ashen One crosses a bridge in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls III.

The length of the game is another contentious discussion. Games are an expensive medium. Some gamers think they should get their money’s worth with longer titles. Others think that shorter games have their own merits and that the quality can make up for the short length.

However, few gamers like short DLCs. If players shell out for additional content, it would need to be a substantial add-on to justify its existence. The players criticize dark souls 3‘s Ariandel’s Ashes DLC to add an area and two bosses. Similarly, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland has angered players with his one-dungeon spiral catchers Add.

Highlight missing in-game content

Stellaris recommends DLC to a player who is building a new empire.

Game studios have a financial incentive to sell DLC. Most gamers are fine with that and subtle announcements for in-game content. However, some titles cross a line. They are too cheeky in trying to get players to spend extra money.

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Stellaris it announces its DLC every time the player attempts to create an empire. It also includes superficial versions of the DLC mechanics in the base game to try and tempt players. assassin’s creed ii Place your DLC memory segments strategically for maximum visibility. Players want to enjoy their game, not see ads for more content.

meaningless side content

Pinnacle Station from the Mass Effect DLC.

Many gamers like side activities in games. However, few players want to pay more for it. DLC should bring something significant to the game. This could be more tools for players to use. It could be additional bits of the story that enhance the overall narrative. They could even be additional levels.

DLC that adds meaningless side activities is rarely popular. mass effect‘s pinnacle station DLC is famous for adding a combat arena to a game with underwhelming combat. The corruption of the source code and the absence of re-releases have not bothered many fans. the saboteur is the most notorious case, charging players with copies used to add nudity to the game’s dance clubs.

downloadable content for downloadable content

The Sims 4 My First Pet DLC Pack.

One noticeable short-lived trend is the idea of ​​additional DLC for pre-existing downloadable content. The idea makes sense in theory. Particularly important pieces of DLC could have expansions for interested players. However, this idea has never worked in practice.

the sims 4 It is the best known case. Is my first pet things pack is intended for players who already own the Cats and dogs expansion pack. this together the sims 4aggressive monetization of, has alienated many fans. Fortunately, the reaction to my first pet things seems to have discouraged many developers from trying something similar.

true ending DLC

The Inquisitor talking to Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC.

Most gamers accept that a game should tell a complete story. Even if it leaves things open for a sequel, the game should weave a narrative from start to finish. Despite this, some games attempt to finish the game’s story in post-game DLC. Even if the game’s ending is satisfying, it can anger fans if the “true” ending requires more money.

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The players hold asura’s wrath like the low point of a game that charges for its ending. The last four chapters of the game and the resolution of its story cost extra money. However, this can happen even in popular games. Dragon Age: Inquisition only leads correctly to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf if the players buy the Intruder DLC pack.

Long DLC ​​Roadmaps

The roadmap art for Marverl's Midnight Suns DLC.

More and more developers are offering a roadmap of their game to show players upcoming content. In some cases, especially games that offer a lot of new content for free, fans appreciate it. When that roadmap shows a lot of price tags, it can make players wary.

Players don’t want to buy a game at full price only to see a list of additional purchases required for the full experience. This has noticeably turned players away from good games like Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Most gamers want to view a game as a piece of entertainment, not a starting point for monetization.

Pay for difficulty modes

Joel and Ellie in the video game The Last of Us.

Difficulty settings are essential for most video games. They provide a useful tool for setting up entertainment, comfort, and even accessibility. Players want the freedom to choose how difficult their experience is. Despite this, there have been some cases of games putting difficulties, particularly the harder ones, behind the DLC.

The last of usThe original release has the ground mode DLC to unlock its harder difficulty modes. stranger from paradise it also pays for his “Bahamut” difficulty. Even if a new difficulty setting requires a lot of developer time to adjust, it’s not something players want to spend money on.

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