12 Impressive Video Game Castles Worth Appreciating

The interior of Princess Peach's castle.

The interior of Princess Peach’s castle.

I don’t have time to travel a lot, and New York City (where I live) is made of pigeon feathers and cement, so I need to rely on video games to transport me to some fantastic place, like a castle.

Video games have always loved castles, first forming them from gray blocks, like in the 80s. wolfensteinthen slightly more textured beige tiles, as in the appropriately titled 1991 city builder castles. Now, video games have castle options; they can explore fantasy through pixelated nostalgia or push the boundaries of our PCs with imagined wrought-iron carved facades, glowing sunset reels unwinding everywhere. These are the castles I want to focus on in this slideshow, which I’ve stocked with spectacular concept art from the games.

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I’m not saying that elaborate video game castles are inherently better than their ’80s-inspired compatriots. But there’s no experience quite like walking up to these behemoths, walking through them, or observing their massiveness by skirting something like a elden ring horse.

You understand video game castles from existing concepts of historical architecture, but real castles were designed to be impenetrable, some of them testaments to God, some of them inhabited only by a select group of people for a select part of history. . They are already larger than life, somewhat unknowable.

Video game castles add to the mystery, ironically allowing you to go inside and look around, but only to see something conceptual, over the top, that could only exist in the virtual world. Elaborately planned and fully interactive, I believe that these kinds of video game castles provide the pinnacle of hyperreality, “the model generation of a real without.” […] realityā€¯, as defined by the sociologist Jean Baudrillard in his seminal treatise Simulacra and Simulation.

Is the best. These castles make me think of Emily Dickinson, “Rafter of Satin and Roof of Stone – / Grand go the Years, / In the Crescent above them -” In the crescent above them -), regardless of whether a game drags me into their strawberries and cream version of Cinderella’s Castle. , such as Peach’s Castle through the various Mario games, or a doomed heap of curved stone, like most of the airless Gothic buildings in blood borne. I’m delighted to be there and play pretend.

Keep clicking to do the same. I’ll cheat a bit by showing you awesome concept art for some of the most impressive castles in video games instead of screenshots of how they appear in-game. But think of it as another way to keep the magic flowing.

stormveil Castle, elden ring

Stormveil Castle sits against a gray sky.

Stormveil Castle sits against a gray sky.

Stormveil Castle is elaborately stoic.

Srandom castle, resident evil 4

Candles lit in the Castle of Salazar.

Candles lit in the Castle of Salazar.

just watching resident evil 4The Castillo de Salazar redone is scaring me.

dimitrescu Castle, Resident Evil Village

Villains walk through dark corridors in Resident Evil Village.

Villains walk through dark corridors in Resident Evil Village.

The same goes for this early image of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters snarling in the castle’s dark, stately halls.

peach Castle, super mario odyssey

Peach waves from her castle.

Peach waves from her castle.

However, I am reassured by Peach’s Castle, which implies that Peach is not wearing her heart on her sleeve, but rather amongst the lush plants of the castle.

hyrule Castle, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Plants grow in an empty room in Hyrule Castle.

Plants grow in an empty room in Hyrule Castle.

This room in Hyrule Castle is abandoned, but somehow still cozy.

trefaldwyn Castle, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The sun sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

The sun sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

You could enjoy countless sunsets here.

The Holy See of IshgardFinal Fantasy XIV: Skyward

A castle rises above the clouds.

A castle rises above the clouds.

This is where I would like to go in all my dreams.

dwarf King’s Castle, god of war 4

The sun streams into a dark room in the castle.

The sun streams into a dark room in the castle.

The interior of this castle is quietly mystical.

Dracula’s castle, castlevania

Dracula's castle looms large in Netflix's Castlevania.

Dracula’s castle looms large in Netflix’s Castlevania.

OK, I’m cheating even more by including a painted background from the Netflix version of castlevania, but look at Dracula’s Castle! It looks so excitingly cold!

Abandoned Cainhurst Castle, blood borne

Snow hits Cainhurst Castle.

Snow hits Cainhurst Castle.

Cainhurst gives the same impression. Frost.

sandcastle Map, Call of Duty: Black Ops III

A building explodes when the sun goes down.

A building explodes when the sun goes down.

This building forms an unconventional “castle”, but impressive nonetheless.

dragonspear castle, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

A dark cellar winds through Baldur's Gate.

A dark cellar winds through Baldur’s Gate.

This is the cutest scary basement I’ve ever seen.

What are your favorite video game castles?

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