All the games where you can hit the Griddy

The “Griddy” is one of the most popular dance trends in the world in recent years. After NFL wide receiver Justin Jefferson originally made it popular as a touchdown celebration, the Griddy has been chosen in countless sports and cultural areas. The easy-to-do dance features a combination of simple steps and swinging arms, making it very accessible to just about anyone.

Video games are not immune to Griddy’s far-reaching influence. In games, Griddy is used as a celebratory gesture in many multiplayer titles, including Fortnite, crazy 23and others.

Earlier this month, Griddy creator Allen “Griddy” Davis signed a deal with EA Sports to allow the use of Griddy in games developed by the company, including the To get mad Y fifa franchises, further spreading the influence of dance.

Here are all the games we know of where players can hit the Griddy.


Image via epic games

Fortnite it was the first game to add Griddy to its celebration lineup. Epic Games partnered with Justin Jefferson in April 2021 and added the “Get Griddy” emote to Fortnite. Although it is no longer available as a regular part of the Fortnite shop, the emote appears in the item shop once every few months.

Madden NFL 23

You had to know that Griddy was going to be added to To get mad after how popular it has become among NFL players over the course of the last few seasons. The dance was originally made famous by Vikings WR Justin Jefferson in 2020, and in crazy 23, players can use Jefferson’s signature celebration every time they score a touchdown. Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase and Lions WR DJ Chark may also go to the Griddy as one of their signature celebrations.


Screenshot via EA Sports

fifa23 It hasn’t been released yet, but EA has shown off Griddy as a celebration in the game’s promotional content. Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic was seen dancing in the Matchday Experience Deep Dive trailer released earlier this month, suggesting that the dance could be available as an emote in the upcoming game.

NBA 2K23

In the First Look trailer for NBA 2K23Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies was shown hitting the Griddy over the Golden State Warriors logo, just as he did over the Minnesota Timberwolves logo in Game 6 of the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs.


Although Griddy is not officially in VALORANT, players can mimic the dance through a series of manual inputs. By deactivating the Spike, you can toggle between its inputs to deactivate and walk forward quickly to make your character crouch and wave your arms back and forth. If the entries are made at a certain pace, the move looks convincing enough to resemble Griddy.

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