Common Tropes In Soulsborne Games

soulsborne games have become all the rage in modern times, with titles like Elden Ring becoming massively popular and allowing FromSoftware to engage in new and diverse projects. The journey from rags to riches for this developer has been quite amazing to witness, and fans can’t wait to see what else this studio has in store for them, with the Soulslike genre pretty much coming into existence because of the mechanics present in these games.

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Most soulsborne Games feature some pretty common tropes that have become synonymous with the series. In fact, some people would argue that these games simply wouldn’t be the same without the familiar tropes that most players expect from these titles.


1 Hard-As-Nails Gameplay

FromSoftware SoulsBorne Bosses Beasts Maneaters

One thing to note about anything soulsborne game is that the gameplay is extremely challenging. Everything from attacking to dodging is a measured action that will be punished if calculated poorly.

Players will have to learn the ins and outs of these combat systems to emerge victorious against the many tough encounters in these games. It can take some time, but the reward for developing one’s skills is trivializing many encounters in the game that seemed downright impossible.

2 The Consequences Of Death

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Death is quite frequent in any soulsborne game. Only the most skilled players will be able to avoid dying too many times in these titles, with everything from tough enemies to annoying traps proving to be a major hurdle to be dealt with.

Dying leads to the player’s resources in the form of Souls, Runes, Blood Echoes, or anything else along the same lines being dropped at the point of death. Players have only one chance to fight back and regain everything they’ve lost, with another death leading to the permanent loss of everything that’s been dropped.

3 Larger-Than-Life Bosses

sekiro guardian ape

Bosses in the soulsborne Games are always some of the most pivotal and important encounters that players experience. These battles are epic in scale and extremely challenging, leading to many players being blocked from progression because of being troubled by one particular boss.

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Players need to study the movesets of these enemies and figure out if they have weaknesses. After enough practice, most players will be able to defeat even the toughest boss in these games.

4 Only One Currency For Everything

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Everything from purchasing equipment to leveling up skills in soulsborne games is carried out by spending only one particular type of resource. The name for this has changed across the games, ranging from Souls to Blood Echoes.

Regardless, players need to carry out efficient resource management to make their character as strong as possible while also leveling them up by investing in the relevant stats. The smart allocation of this resource is important to reach a desired build and see these games to the very end.

5 Stamina Management

Sekiro and monster in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Stamina is one of the most important metrics to look out for in soulsborne games. Running out of stamina while attacking or blocking will lead to the enemy exploiting an opening which can have disastrous results.

This can be curbed by increasing the stamina pool and seeing to it that attacks are measured and not wild. barring Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceevery other game in the series has featured a stamina system to some capacity.

6 Tough Enemies With Telegraphed Attacks

Dark Souls Series Freaky Enemies Deep Accursed

There are several enemies in soulsborne games that will give players a run for their money. Sometimes, some of the enemy mobs and encounters in these games can be harder than bosses.

However, no matter how tough an enemy may be, their attacks can always be predicted if the player reads their moves enough times. Given the amazing enemy variety in these games, most players shouldn’t be comfortable for too long even if they figure out some enemies and their attacks.

7 A Story Told Through Gameplay

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Unlike most other modern games, soulsborne titles don’t really thrust their narratives right into people’s faces. Instead, the approach to storytelling is more reserved, letting the game breathe instead of interrupting the flow of gameplay for exposure and the like.

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Player agency determines just how much one takes away from the narrative of these games, which can be quite brilliant indeed. games like Elden Ring and bloodborneUse everything from item description to environmental storytelling while crafting a delicious and unforgettable narrative.

8 A World That’s Wasting Away

Most soulsborne Games tend to feature very bleak and hopeless settings. Even the player character themselves isn’t really anyone remarkable, with their efforts definitely changing the events of the world, but not by much.

The cycle of hopelessness continues even if players manage to attain victory against all odds. A world that was once bustling and lived-in is now completely destroyed, with its denizens either dying, going mad, or somewhere in between.

9 Limited Healing

A player using the Flask of Crimson Tears to heal in Elden Ring

Healing is one of the most important things players should look out for in any soulsborne game. A few choice hits from even the weakest enemies around is all that it takes to kill off most players who are careless about their own survival.

Normally, the number of heals afforded to a player is also limited, with this resource generally replenishing after resting at a save point. This makes it important to avoid as much damage as possible and heal only when an opening presents itself.

10 Playstyle Variety

FromSoftware SoulsBorne Bosses Dragons Gaping Dragon

The soulsborne Games give a ton of options when it comes to choosing a gameplay that players like. Fast weapons, massive armaments, and magical spells can all be used in combat if players have the stats to optimize damage using these techniques.

It’s this deceptively high level of freedom that makes the soulsborne Games so infinitely replayable, with the NG+ modes featuring more powerful weapons and more difficult encounters at times. Players will find it pretty easy to find a weapon or spell that suits their fancy, with enough upgrades to let them use these skills all the way to the end.

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