Coral Island Coming to Xbox Game Pass Day One in Cool Humble Games Collab

Humble Games, the publishing wing of the company behind Humble Bundles, has announced that several upcoming games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

A new announcement from Humble Games has revealed that the upcoming title Coral Island It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Although there is currently only one early access release date for Coral Island It is known that all Game Pass subscribers will receive the title each time its final release occurs. News from Humble Games also revealed several other upcoming titles coming to Game Pass on day one in the future.

Coral Island is one of the most anticipated upcoming simulation games. Set in a beautiful island setting, the game incorporates all the beloved elements of the farming simulation genre along with some welcome new twists. Players can grow more than 75 plantable crops, explore different locations, decorate and charm the townspeople. Coral Island has an environmental preservation focus, and a core part of the game will involve keeping the coral reef free of trash. The game originally started on Kickstarter, where it surpassed its funding goal almost immediately, and a publishing partnership with Humble Games was revealed at the 2022 Humble Games Showcase.


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the IGN The Twitter account revealed a new trailer from Humble Games that made several Xbox Game Pass announcements. The trailer was part of Gamescom 2022 and revealed 7 total games coming to Game Pass on day one, including Coral Island. Early access to the game kicks off on October 11 this year and will likely stay that way for quite some time, meaning players shouldn’t expect the release until at least late 2023.

Every game in Humble Games’ new Xbox Game Pass collaboration

Several other titles to be published by Humble Games were revealed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one in the new trailer along with Coral Island, with a diverse overall lineup of games coming to the service in the future. Although the animal crossing-is that Coral Island stole the show for many simulation fans, the game list also includes Metroidvania, platformers, and rhythm-based games among others. Here’s a list of all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one in this collaboration:

  • Coral Island
  • moon markings
  • ghost song
  • infinite guitars
  • prodeo
  • signal
  • Midnight Fighting Express

This list of day one releases is sure to be an exciting one for many gamers as the list covers a wide variety of different game genres – many titles on the list have also been highly anticipated within their respective fanbases just like Coral Island has been with the fans of the simulation. games like signal Y Midnight Fighting Express they were first announced several years ago, which means that many gamers have waited a long time to get their hands on some of these titles. Whether gamers are simply fans of Humble Games and their previously endorsed titles like Forager Y kill the needle and want to see what’s next from the publisher, or if you’re just a fan of great indie games in general, this Gamescom announcement may inspire some new Game Pass subscriptions, especially for those who’ve been waiting. Coral Island.

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