Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Snails And Snail Followers

the newly released indie rouge action-adventure game, lamb cult was developed by massive monster and finally published by Return Digital. Additionally, the game features plenty of customization options ranging from naming your cult, decorations, and even choosing your follower skin.

And one of the Follower Skin is the hidden one. snail follower. Now, to get your hands on this skin, you will need to collect some snail shells. And in this guide, we will delve into the common question that is often asked: Cult Of The Lamb How To Get Snails.

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How To Get Snail Shells In Cult Of The Lamb

A Little Green Snail In The Cult Of The Lamb

Now, as we have established to acquire the snail Follower, first we have to get our hands on some snail shells that are dropped by small green snails; these Green snails can be found in certain places during a crusade. Once you’ve found one, all you have to do now is kill it with a curse or a weapon hit.

After which, you will receive a snail shell, and you will have to be patient and grind together a total of 5 snails to move on. However, it’s worth noting that the chance of a green snail spawning is low, as it only spawns in certain locations.

And furthermore, the chance of receiving a snail shell from killing one isn’t guaranteed either, so be prepared to grind for it. snail follower.

In addition, we have observed that green snails usually spawn in Darkwood Zone 1 Y Zone 2 Anura areas. However, it is also possible for them to reproduce in anchordeep or the silk Cradle, but the chances of this happening are slim.

Now that we’ve taken care of Cult Of The Lamb How To Get Snails, we can continue with our five snail shells to the next step.

Location of the five snail statues

snail statue
A snail statue or alter in the cult of the lamb

Next, once you have collected all five snail shells through our How To Get Snail Shells In Cult Of The Lamb section, you now need to place these five snail shells on snail alters or statues found at outposts on the overworld map.

The statues will carry the snail shells as an offering; That is why we require five snails to be able to offer one to each of the statues. We will now mention each of the statue locations below:

  • The first statue can now be found behind a hut that is located where you receive the devotion while visiting the lonely shack.
  • The next statue can be found on the left side of the lighthouse, which is in the Pilgrim’s Pass.
  • Next is the third altar of snails, located on the left side of the room, where Sozo He talks about his mushrooms.
  • The next altar is again on the left side, but it is on the Smuggler’s Sanctuary.
  • The last snail statue is just to the left of the spawn in mida cave.

Once you have collected all the snail shells and placed them on the respective five alters, you can unlock the hidden snail follower.

In addition, we end the guide since we have discussed everything about the snail shells and the Snail Follower. This guide focused primarily on How to get snail shells in the cult of the lamb and how to get the snail follower in the lamb cult.

However, if you feel that we have missed some key information about snail shells, let us know via the comments section below.

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