DVIDS – News – STARCOM Service Member Honored With SAIGE Military Meritorious Service Award

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Frances Dupris, intelligence analyst, instructor, and director of the Advanced Training Course at the 319th Fighter Training Squadron, received the Society of Military Meritorious Service Award for the second time. American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE).

The SAIGE Military Meritorious Service Award is given to active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and military veterans in government service who have made significant contributions to support their organization’s government-to-government interaction with American Indians /Alaska Native (AI/ AN) tribes. The award also honors those who promote a greater understanding of AI/AN culture and embody the core qualities and values ​​of their respective military service or government agency.

In 2021, the Department of the Air Force’s Barrier Analysis Task Force added a new team, the Indigenous Nations Equality Team (INET), which was created to address the barriers faced by airmen and stewards of AI heritage. /AN.

Dupris, a native of Rapid City, South Dakota, is the senior enlisted co-leader, along with Jacqueline Melcher, Col. Maureen Trujillo and INET Brig. General Terrence Adams and Dennis D’Angelo.

Since INET’s establishment, the team has made significant progress in their lines of work and has collaborated on the creation of a video to celebrate INET’s first anniversary. Dupris’ achievements and leadership led the INET Champion to nominate her for the award. Dupris will be recognized at the SAIGE National Training Program this month in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“It is humbling for me to receive this recognition,” Dupris said. “I am grateful for the many INET members and leaders across the force who have supported INET and led indigenous cultural events throughout the Department of the Air Force. Additionally, I am grateful to the INET leaders who have taken the time to recognize my efforts in advancing and supporting our Airmen and Guardians. I am honored to do my family, tribe, elders, and community proud, and continue to serve as a positive role model for the indigenous community, Airmen, Guardians, and the next generation, especially indigenous children.”

Dupris comes from a diverse background both personally and professionally. She balances her demanding career with a fulfilling family life as a wife and mother of four children. She has a BA in Sociology, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is currently working toward a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.

Dupris is an active member of SAIGE, a national nonprofit organization representing American Indian and Alaska Native federal, tribal, state and local government employees. Through his involvement with SAIGE, Dupris has attended numerous training programs and has networked widely within the organization.

“SAIGE hosts a leading Annual National Training Program, open to all, focused on professional development, leadership, and issues related to the complex Federal Indian Trust Responsibility,” said Dupris, referring to the US government’s legal obligation. to protect the rights and resources of American Indian tribes. “Integral to this, SAIGE offers specialized training sessions for veterans and youth. I highly recommend attending the training program to learn about American Indian/Alaska Native or Indian communities.”

In discussing the importance of the award, Dupris emphasized its role in recognizing contributions to the indigenous community. He highlighted the award’s alignment with indigenous teachings on caring for each other and the land, and with the warrior spirit.

Dupris’ second receipt of the SAIGE Military Meritorious Service Award recognizes his continued dedication to service, his efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within his sphere of influence, and his role as a positive representative of AI/AN in government service.

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