How to defrost frozen food the right way

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Whether you’re freezing massive amounts of leftover food from a party, prepping meals for the week, or preparing for the end of civilization, freezing food ahead of time comes in handy. The only catch is when it comes time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you have a block of ice that will dilute your food if you don’t approach it with proper technique.

Depending on the dish, there are ways to thaw frozen foods without unnecessarily spoiling them.. Here are some tips to keep the most of your original flavor and texture possible.

How to thaw frozen soup

The other day I found myself in a difficult situation with my lunch preparation. I had an ice cream Container of pozole, that I planned to thaw overnight and have lunch the next day. me placed it in the refrigerator around the afternoon start antifreeze. Unfortunately, the fridge didn’t thaw the pozole quickly enough, and in the morning I still had an ice cream solid block Soup.

Although the immediate instinct might be to punch my forehead and say I should have let the soup thaw at room temperature, FDA warns This is not a safe way to thaw any food. Instead, weather permitting, ideally, thaw the soup two days in advance in the refrigerator. However, if you’re short on time and have stored the soup in a freezer-safe bag, it’s best to thaw it in cold water.

How to defrost meat

For a long time, I had been on the verge of poisoning myself without even knowing it. How, you ask? I thought I could quickly defrost the chicken by placing it in a warm water bath, or if I needed to even faster, I would place it in hot water. That’s a big no-not according to USDA.

Remember all those times your mom would ask you to take out the meat to thaw for dinner? Y how you would quickly forget and then remember at the last minute and rush to do it before you get home from work? well the joke about you, Mom Leaving the chicken—or any raw meat—out oron the counter to defrost It’s not advisable.

A better and quicker method of defrosting meat is to place it in the microwave, but keep a close eye on it. Raw meat that is thawed in the microwave should be cooked immediately to mitigate any potential bacteria that may be present. One drawback to thawing via microwave is that it can actually bring food to a “danger zone” temperature, as the USDA calls it, which would be the optimal environment for bacteria to grow. The danger zone is anything within 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit, the risks of which we have explored prior toand any thawing method that keeps food at this temperature for more than a few minutes should be avoided if possible. but with a little precision and care, you can cook and enjoy your frozen food even at the last minute, no matter how forgetful you are with the preparation of your food.

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