How To Get Rafted Glass

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Raft is one of those games that gives players a lot of options to create. While many items can be found, some will need to be crafted. Glass is one of those items that will need to be made before it can be used to make other items.

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While Raft explains a lot of things, various aspects of the game are not explained thoroughly. For example, players don’t necessarily know how to craft Glass, which prevents them from crafting other essential items they may need later. Hopefully, this guide will illustrate how players can craft Glass in Raft and other useful information.


How to make raft glass

Using smelter to make glass

To make glass in Raftplayers should follow these simple steps:

  1. Players will need a smelter before they can craft glass. Players can make a Foundry using Dry Bricks. For every Dry Brick, players will need two Sand and two Clay.
  2. Players must gather six dry bricks, six nails, four scrap metal, and four planks to build a foundry.
  3. Place the dry bricks on the research table to make a foundry.
  4. Once the smelting is complete, the player must proceed to collect sand. Sand can be found around islands, below the sea surface, and on ledges where algae and coral are available.
  5. After collecting Sand, place them in the Foundry.
  6. Place wooden planks under the Foundry and light it with fire.
  7. It will take 60 seconds for a Glass to be crafted.

Why craft glass?

raft research table

Glass is needed to craft essential items like advanced purifiers and binoculars. While players may not need binoculars, they will need advanced water purifiers to overcome thirst. To craft Binoculars and an Advanced Purifier, the player will need four Glass each.

Other elements that can be made with Glass are the following:

  • Drinking glass – 1 glass
  • 2 Honey – 1 Glass
  • Metallic Lantern – 1 Glass

Considering the limited number of items that can be crafted with Glass, it should come as no surprise that players don’t know how to craft Glass. But now that this guide has illustrated how to craft Glass and why making an Advanced Purifier is so important, players should make the most of this information to rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about getting thirsty again.

Raft is available on macOS, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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