How to shoot nightscapes: camera equipment and exposure settings

Experienced nightscape photographers seek out ultra-dark locations far from civilization and only work under moonless skies. However, there is no need to wait for such a privileged situation to start. For now, your backyard will be fine, as the two most important things to learn are the required camera settings and how to operate your camera in total darkness.

Night landscape photography is the art of collecting limited light and at the same time having the best low light cameras. (opens in a new tab) they can help when shooting at night, they will not guarantee good results. Like any photography, that will come from balancing the aperture. (opens in a new tab) (how much light reaches the image sensor), ISO (opens in a new tab) (the light sensitivity of the image sensor) and shutter speed (opens in a new tab) (how long the image sensor is exposed to light).

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