Is the new Italian romantic comedy movie worth watching?

follow on timeoriginally called it was time, is the latest addition to Netflix’s intriguing list of Italian movies. The film made its arrival exclusively on the popular streaming platform Netflix on Thursday, March 16. Renato Sannio and Alessandro Aronadio are the writers of the film while the film is directed by Aronadio.

As stated in the official synopsis of the Italian film, provided by Netflix:

“In this time-jumping drama, a workaholic who’s always in a hurry now wants life to slow down when he finds himself jumping a year every few hours.”

Chronicling the story of Dante, a man who forgot to appreciate life and all of its little wonders, the film was refreshingly interwoven and quite emotional at the end. The story writing and directing were really promising. Edoardo Leo’s performance as Dante was the highlight of the film.

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A review of follow on time on Netflix: a moving plot enhanced by the fascinating performance of the main cast

A refreshingly written time travel movie.

Netflix International Movie, follow on timerevolves around the life of a man named Dante who begins to slip back in time after becoming a complete workaholic and stops appreciating the true meaning of life and time.

Due to his obsession with success and working life, he loses the love of his life, his wife Alice, his daughter’s birth and growing up, and almost everything important. However, in the end, he stops time-jumping after realizing his mistake.

A frame from Still Time (Image via Netflix Italy/YouTube)

The writers of the Italian film, Alessandro Aronadio and Renato Sannio, did a brilliant job of capturing a time travel movie in the simplest way possible. From the beginning, the film focuses primarily on what it means to live life freely with loved ones, while celebrating the gift of time and life.

The essence is successfully captured by the film’s script. Dante’s character arc was also written in such a way that it felt real and relatable.

Without a doubt, the film’s writing is one of its highlights, as it forms a strong foundation for the rest of the elements. The Netflix rom-com movie is definitely worth watching.

The gripping direction lifted the story.

A frame from Still Time (Image via Netflix Italy/YouTube)

The film’s director, Alessandro Aronadio, also did an amazing job of presenting the story on screen in such a nice and moving way. More than comedy, the movie was an emotional drama with a strong lesson on why it’s important to appreciate loved ones.

The director has captured the complex essence of the film in a very subtle yet powerful way. Scenes like the one in which Dante realizes for the first time that he has traveled to the future through time or the one in which Alice tells him that they grew apart due to their obsession with work, or the one in which Dante discovers that his best friend Valerio is cancer patients, they are all exceptionally directed.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the direction of the film is one of the main reasons why it is definitely worth the viewers’ time.

The stunning performance of the lead couple raised the film to another level.

Edoardo Leo as Dante, the film’s main character, is absolutely stunning; the actor dove deep into it and brought all the complicated layers out onto the screen. The character he played was funny, successful and miserable at the same time, which can be quite difficult to pull off, but he did it with such ease and it felt natural.

Barbara Ronchi, who plays the pivotal role of Alice in the film, also did an amazing job of bringing out all the hidden nuances that her character goes through all the way to the end. The waves of different emotions and emotional turmoil that the character goes through are quite challenging, but the actress plays them effortlessly.

Therefore, his acting performances have improved still time quality even more. Supporting actors, including Mario Sgueglia as Valerio and Francesca Cavallin as Francesca, also did promising work.

Catch follow on timewhich is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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