Legend of Zelda Games to Play Before Tears of the Kingdom Releases

breath of the wildthe long-awaited sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It’s almost here, but there’s still plenty of time to go over know before that. Although each generation of Zelda games can stand on their own, breath of the wild it has plenty of callbacks for those who have played previous titles. Tears of the Kingdom It won’t be any different when you take the trailers into account, but there are a handful of earlier adventures that seem to be the most important.


While playing breath of the wild It goes without saying that the best way to start a story is to go back to the beginning. As revealed in Hyrule Historia, skyward sword is the first game in the timeline, detailing the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, their Chosen Hero, and the demon they are locked in eternal combat with: Demise. While Demise would later become Ganondorf, his power only seems to have grown with each reincarnation, and Tears of the Kingdom It seems the culmination of this growth.

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How Old Zelda Games Influence Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword Box Art

With the recent launch of Skyward Sword HD, some players have speculated that another major character could return: the spirit of the Master Sword, Fi. Whether Fi shows up or not, seeing malice corrupt Blade of Evil’s Bane will be made even more shocking by learning about the spirit that once inhabited it. From the Master Sword to the ruins in the sky, it is clear that Tears of the Kingdom is very inspired by skyward sword.

The next game to consider would be Twilight Princess. While players could run with Wolf Link in breath of the wild if they had the right amiibo, twilight princess offers more than just cameos. locations of twilight princess figures strongly in breath of the wild; from the iconic Hylia Bridge to the Arbiter’s Grounds, buried beneath the sands of the Gerudo desert. The extinct Zonai tribe played a subtle but important role in breath of the wild, and it has long been theorized that there is a connection to the mysterious dark interlopers of Twilight Princess.

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Twilight Princess’ connection to the Zonai

Zelda Twilight Princess Zant

While the dark interlopers would become Twili after they were banished from Hyrule, there are also parallels to Zonai’s stories, magic, and iconography. The Zonai iconography is found on all the floating structures in the Tears of the Kingdom trailers, with the structures themselves reminiscent of the floating islands in the Kingdom of Twilight. It is currently unknown why Hyrule Castle rises up from the ground, or how the islands suddenly appear above Hyrule, but alternate realms feature heavily in the game. Zelda series.

Tears and alternate dimensions have been a constant theme ever since. Twilight Princess. Link had to collect Tears of Light scattered across a Twilight-infested Hyrule to renew his Guardian Spirits, and this feature was carried over to skyward sword, where Link had to collect Sacred Tears in the Silent Realm as a test from the Goddesses. This concept is likely to play an important role in Tears of the Kingdom, judging by the name alone.

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The Seven Sages from The Legend of Zelda

The Seven Sages reunited in Ocarina of Time

Another recurring theme throughout the Zelda series is the seven wise men. They made their first appearance in a link to the past and in the second trailer of Tears of the Kingdom, a mysterious glowing woman in an ornate robe appears and offers Link her hand. While there is speculation that this character could be anyone from Zelda to Hylia herself, a recent leak from the Tears of the Kingdom The art book shows a brand new character in a similar outfit. They are reminiscent of maidens in a link to the pastdescendants of the sages, who use their powers to seal Ganon away (the seventh being Zelda herself).

The next game to consider would be ocarina of timesince many of its themes are repeated in breath of the wild in a way that accumulates Tears of the Kingdom The Shiekah were introduced to ocarina of timealthough their history implies that they existed long before the events of the game in a way that is reflected through skyward sword. As devoted protectors of the royal family of Hyrule, this secret race has done horrible things in the name of their oath. The consequences of your actions play an important role in breath of the wild through the corrupted Guardians and a rogue branch: the Yiga clan. Even in ocarina of timeLink can travel to the bottom of a pit that doubles as a literal dungeon.

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Where Ocarina of Time Fits In

Young Link pulls the Master Sword from its resting place in the Temple of Time.

ocarina if time it is also where Ganon’s connection to Gerudo begins. The Gerudo are a race of female warriors who only have one male every 100 years, so they choose to intermarry with other races. Before the facts of ocarina of time, the demon king Demise reincarnated as Ganon. As is tradition, Ganon became their king and the Gerudo race has suffered ever since. This leaves many open questions for Ganon’s return in Tears of the Kingdom – if Gerudo will split as a faction and choose to follow their undead leader, or if they will ultimately take a stand against the monster.

From everything seen so far, Tears of the Kingdom promises to be an ambitious game that unites stories that came before. These theories, mechanics, and story beats only scratch the surface of the connections between the games, and more will undoubtedly be discovered after launch. While players can look forward to the game without having played previous entries, Tears of the Kingdom offers much more to those who have been fans for a long time.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released on May 12, 2023 for Nintendo Switch.

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