MultiVersus: How to Get Projectile Ring-outs | Take care of your head guide

If you want to be truly deadly in MultiVersus, you’ll need to master projectile attacks and know how to use them effectively.

As the game officially enters its first season, Multi Versus has never been more popular. The fighter is sizing up to add Black Adam and Stripe to the mix, and that’s on top of Morty and LeBron James, who have already been brought into the ring. Regardless of who you’re fighting, however, your goal will be victory, and we’ll help you achieve that by teaching you how to use projectiles effectively.

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The tricky part of getting projectile sounds in Multi Versus is that not all characters have the same list of moves for projectiles. For example, Shaggy’s projectile attack is activated by pushing down on the special left analog stick to grab a sandwich, and then repeating this input to launch the sandwich. Meanwhile, Superman’s projectile attack is activated by pushing left and special as he jumps.

Also, characters like Velma have a lot of projectile attacks, which makes things even more complicated. In short, the easiest way to master these attacks and get the three trophies or achievements related to them is to choose a character you feel comfortable with and stick their projectile in The Lab to practice. Once you have your character’s projectile, the natural strategy for racking up ring-outs with it is to use bots or start a second account.

If you have a friend who is willing to help you, all the better. Either way, you’ll want to either drive your opponent to the edge and take them out with a projectile attack or have your second account/friend just run to the edge of the arena and stand there, making them an easy target for elimination. Regardless of which strategy you choose, just focus on mastering which moves count as projectiles and do it until the trophy or achievement pops up.

If you’re not sure what counts as a projectile, be sure to check the move list. If it says “deals projectile damage” then you know it will count towards your stats and the respective trophy or achievement you’re looking for.

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