New expert analysis says Google’s Bard is worse than ChatGPT as it disappoints early testers / Digital Information World

Google has high expectations for its latest release of the AI-powered chatbot Bard.

The company recently released Bard for beta testing and stated that there will be bugs as it is not an alternative for the search, but a tool used to help with the search.

The tech giant was long criticized for spending so much time launching the chatbot, while other arch-rivals including Microsoft were making waves with its Bing Search. But Google didn’t pay attention and wanted to make sure it was as close to perfect as possible.

Despite all their hard efforts and much delay, it seems that the Bard tool could still failing to live up to expectations and expectations that were generated for so long.

Bard really needed to step up its game to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing and it may not be there yet, new expert analysis shows.

Potential popularity, or should we say lack of popularity, would have serious effects on Google’s search lead. After all, it currently stands as the leading name in today’s cutting-edge technological world.

But so far, it would not be wrong to mention that there are no big positive signs.

Google began the beta testing process on Tuesday and really opened up its Bard to the universe by calling on users in the US and UK region to come forward and sign up to use the tool. The goal is to open up access for now and then further expand in this regard in the future.

Google mentioned how their product is currently in the early testing phase and allows users to make use of the world of generative AI. But you must be 18 years or older, have a Google account, and also use supported browsers.

But the first batch of early testers aren’t happy with what’s thrown their way. They compared it to the ChatGPT technology released by OpenAI and found it extremely disappointing.

This lackluster debut isn’t what Google might have hoped for, obviously. As it is, the demo launch seen in the previous month had the platform dent a $100 billion mega crater in Alphabet’s valuation as shares plummeted.

And we can only imagine what kind of damage this can do to the business as it falls short of expectations and is considered inferior to ChatGPT and Bing.

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