Spain vs Norway live stream: how to watch for free

Shown on Fox Sports 2, there are a few different options when it comes to watching Spain vs Norway online. We’ve rounded up all the best places to watch Euro 2024 qualifiers, and we’ve even tracked down a hack to tune in to a free Spain vs Norway live stream, legally.

Watch the Spain vs Norway live stream on FuboTV

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FuboTV offers many of the best sports channels, so you’re in luck if you’re a big fan of sports in general. As well as offering Fox Sports 2, it also has the rights to many other Euro 2024 qualifiers so you can watch more than just Spain vs Norway. There’s also NBC and USA Network so you can watch the Premier League and other sporting events, along with MLB Network, NHL Network and others, making this one of the best live TV streaming services for sports enthusiasts. . Best of all, it’s the ideal way to watch the Spain vs Norway live stream for free, as there’s a FuboTV free trial. It gives you seven days of access, which is more than enough to watch Spain vs Norway and potentially other matches as well. It costs from $75 per month after the free trial expires.

Watch the live stream of Spain vs Norway on Sling TV

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A popular choice among cord cutters thanks to its great price, Sling offers Fox Sports 2 for all your Spain vs Norway watching needs along with many other channels like NBC, USA Network, NFL Network and many more. You’ll need Sling Blue for all of these and it’s $20 for the first month before going up to $40 for subsequent months, so it’s a good value. You also get 50 hours of DVR storage to watch on demand if you can’t always watch live.

Watch the live stream of Spain vs Norway on Hulu with Live TV

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Hulu with Live TV offers a lot for $70 a month. There is Fox Sports 1 and 2 so you can watch Spain vs Norway along with other qualifying matches. It also gives you NBC and USA Network to watch other football games, as well as many other sports options. The highlight here is that you get two premium streaming services included: ESPN+ and Disney+. ESPN+ offers plenty of live sports along with its award-winning 30 for 30 sports documentary series, while Disney+ has everything imaginable to do with Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar, including some exclusive shows.

Watch the live broadcast of Spain vs Norway on YouTube with Live TV

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YouTube with Live TV offers a lot of sports content, including everything related to Fox Sports, ESPN, USA Network, NBC, Golf Channel and many others. The new home of NFL Sunday Ticket, it will also keep football fans happy while there are entertainment channels including Disney Channel, Bravo and Paramount. YouTube with Live TV recently increased its prices to $73 per month, but you get unlimited DVR storage as part of the deal.

Watch Spain vs Norway live stream from abroad with a VPN

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When you travel abroad, your streaming services rarely follow you, even though you are paying for them. Instead, you should use one of the best VPNs to persuade your hotel Wi-Fi or the like that you’re actually connecting from home. Just pick a US-based server and the likes of NordVPN will do the hard work for you, tricking the connection and your streaming subscription into thinking you’re still home. It also gives you enhanced security and privacy. You can’t take advantage of a free trial of NordVPN right now, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you get started.

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