Start time, end time and how to participate

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The long-awaited from Blizzard Entertainment Diablo IV is scheduled to finally release on June 6. During last weekend’s early access beta testing period, the upcoming action RPG proved to be a step in the right direction for the franchise, with fans who were privileged to join in expressing positive opinions about the game. In fact, many of those fans enjoyed the experience so much that they didn’t want to stop playing after the Early Access period ended.

Fortunately, Diablo IV is available again this weekend for an open beta test, this time anyone can play. While progress won’t stick, this weekend’s beta is definitely worth a look for any fan of the series looking to see what’s in store when the full game launches this summer.


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When does the Diablo 4 beta start and end?

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He Diablo IV the open beta is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 from now through March 27 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET. Unlike its early access period (which was only accessible to those who pre-ordered the game), this beta is free and available for anyone to join. The open beta will cover the Prologue and Act 1 of the game. Players will only be able to reach level 25, but can do so in every character class. While only a few classes were available during the early access period, all classes are playable during the open beta, including Necromancer and the new Druid class.

How to Download and Play the Diablo IV Open Beta

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From the Diablo IV The open beta is available to everyone, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have asked everyone to expect long wait times and possible server issues. Aside from those potential issues, the open beta is fairly easy to download and access, though the process varies between platforms. Please note that anyone who has participated in the early access period will have already received instructions on how to download and play the game. Diablo IV open beta, and while it will need an update, early access players will not be required to download the full game again.

To download and access the Diablo IV open beta on pc, first download the desktop client and launch it. On the “All Games” page, click Diablo IV to open your game page. Under “Game Version”, click the dropdown menu and select “Diablo IV – Beta”. Finally, click on the blue “Install” button and the game will start downloading. Once it is fully downloaded, click “Play” and the game will start. Also, keep in mind that devil meV is cross-play enabled, so PC gamers will be able to join console gamers on their adventure.

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To download and access the Diablo IV open beta on PlayStation 4/5, navigate to the PlayStation Store, search for “Diablo IV” and select it to go to its page (a quick selection for the open beta version can also be seen in the “What’s New” section of the “Latest” tab in the store ). On the game page, select the ellipsis near “Wish List” to open a menu and select “Diablo IV – Open Beta” from there. Finally, select “Download” and the game will start downloading. Once it has finished downloading, select “Play Game” and the game will launch.

To download and access the Diablo IV open beta on Xbox One/Series X|S, go to the Microsoft Store, search for “Diablo IV – Open Beta” and select its icon once it appears. From there, select “Install” to begin downloading the game. Once it has finished downloading, the Diablo IV the open beta will be ready to play. Please continue to keep in mind that there will most likely be a long queue as many players will be accessing the game at the same time this weekend.