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Summer is here, so now I feel like it’s a good opportunity to go through all the reviews I’ve written for Ladies Gamers and make some summer game recommendations. I didn’t really have a specific criteria for what makes a summer game. These were just the ones to rock the summer vibes. They can all be enjoyed alone, but most can be enjoyed together. Thanks for reading and have fun playing this summer!

The Summer Project – Insect Fables

For those who have a long break and are looking for a unique RPG to spend some time on, then insect fables got you covered insect fables will conquer your heart in many ways. The story is presented with a lot of charm and humor, including characters and memorable moments in its narrative. Even if you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, it’s hard not to look at this hand-drawn 2D graphic style and feel a soothing warmth in its design.

Going into the game, you have a battle system where all encounters require the player’s constant attention, which requires thinking of the right moves to use and then inputting the appropriate button actions. This is not an RPG where battles feel equal and overblown and you certainly can’t win by always going for the attack move. I chose this as a summer game mainly because of its lovely presentation and because so much of the game takes place outdoors, you can almost smell the fresh air. It’s a long game, so expect this one to take you all summer to conquer, possibly even longer.

Ladies Gamers Summer
a moment of thought

Summer Fun for Two: Cat Quest 2

Do you need something to enjoy with a loved one and you also like cats and dogs? After Cat Quest 2 comes highly recommended. A simple yet charming adventure that is easy to pick up and play for players of all skill levels. Roam around a literal map completing bite-sized missions with addictive hack and slash controls. An ideal title to play in short or long bursts depending on how long the plane ride is. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, this is the perfect co-op title for the summer break.

The game also got a pretty extensive update that added more quests and items to collect. You may even want to consider revisiting the title again if you’ve been away for a period. Why a summer game? Well, it’s hard not to look at the cute faces in this game and feel a warm summer glow from within. The only potential argument is to decide who is the dog and who is the cat.

Ladies Gamers Summer
Roam the real map

Beach time for the whole family – instant sports paradise

Instant sports paradise it’s the ideal choice for something everyone in the family can enjoy. All ages can play a collection of mini-games accessed by wandering around a resort-like island. From young gamers to grandparents who may or may not have experience with Wii Sports. Minigames can be enjoyed with motion or analog controls, so there’s a style to suit everyone. When you’re not competing in games, you can simply explore the island and take part in some additional cooperative activities, such as fishing, treasure hunting, and even buying cosmetics.

The reason for a summer game is evident from the appearance of the game. It simply projects the feeling of summer vacation with its design. It’s not a perfect game, as some of the mini-games are like take it or leave it, but there’s no arguing that it will provide some summer entertainment, whether you get to vacation at a real beach resort or not. Wearing an exotic colored t-shirt is optional for this experience.

Ladies Gamers Summer
Explore the resort

The Summer Internship – One Hundred Days – Wine Making Simulator

If you’re like me, summer is usually just a time to work and try to earn money instead of traveling on vacation. So if you are looking for a simulator that is a bit different then you can try Hundred days. Craft the best wine possible yourself, going through the slow but rewarding process of winemaking, from picking the grapes to customizing the bottles you sell your great beer in. There is a lot to get stuck into in this title.

What still resonates with me in this game is how failing to make the best wine is not the end of the world. Just another little lesson to learn for next time. You really feel like you’re going from amateur to pro with each cycle. The package is also wrapped up in a nice pick up and play experience that even features touch controls on the handheld. An ideal choice to enjoy during your lunch breaks or after a long, hard day at work. Even though it’s a simulator, this game doesn’t really feel like a job at all and can be a good video game internship if you want to take it on.

Ladies Gamers Summer
Make a good summer wine

For the summer blues – Rain on your parade

Summer is not for everyone. For some of us, it comes with more stress and is not the happy, smiling experience that TV commercials make it out to be. If times are tough, one video game I’ve always thought about is a little indie called Rain on your parade. In this, you play as a little cloud that floats around various missions causing all sorts of mischief. From crashing weddings to painting art and even causing a zombie apocalypse.

It’s not often that a game constantly surprises you. The game is single player only, but my wife and I had a ton of fun passing the controller between his little missions and just watching the craziness on the screen. It’s very hard to play this and not smile about something. Life can be very hard sometimes. But video games can have this magical power just to take you away a bit and remind you that things aren’t that bad. So if you’re suffering from the summer blues or know a friend who is, pick up Rain on your parade and be sure to share it together.

Ladies Gamers Summer
The happiest cloud in gaming.

Of course, there are so many games that you could recommend for the summer. Be sure to share your own tips in the comments. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this article. Have a brilliant summer whether you are working or not.

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