Super rare GameCube games for sale at absurd prices

A Nintendo fan stumbled across Ebay listings for rare game Cube game pokemon colosseum, priced at over $75,000 in one instance. These listings were posted online via Ebay, and the fan shared the prices these resellers were asking. These figures for the rare Nintendo GameCube game were mocked by those who saw the listings, insisting that it wasn’t worth the money for what was presented.

The GameCube game in particular was a rare variant of pokemon colosseumone of the Pokemon GameCube-exclusive spin-offs of the franchise that was developed by Genius Sonority. This game allowed players to catch a variety of Pokémon that were not available in pokemon ruby ​​and sapphire, many of which hailed from the Johto region such as Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, just to name a few. It also had an exclusive bonus disc for pre-orders in North America, where it gave fans the chance to download Jirachi for their GBA games. This variant of the game was seen listed online on Ebay for an absurd amount of money.


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Posted on the r/GameCube subreddit by MastaTyTy, they showed two listings for these games, one already unlocked and the other factory sealed. The first listing you saw that was open box showed it to be $75,000 USD, while the other listing for the factory-sealed copy was $145,000 instead. Many users who saw the listing images scoffed at how the reseller expected someone to pay what almost amounts to a new car for an older piece of game history, and the original poster also noted that they were impressed with the prices. of these rare GameCube. games.


In addition to belittling the markup price, MastaTyTy expressed an ongoing issue with retro game pricing, the act of raising the prices of older games, especially those that haven’t been re-released or stuck on old Nintendo hardware. Many gamers expressed that the fun of collecting retro games has been tainted by vendors or other entrants who have been offering the same game for roughly the same price and setting a kind of standard.

Speculation and price gouging of video games continues to be a common practice, only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. While steps have been taken to prevent scalping, there are still cases where it occurs for both recently released video games and retro hardware. Many gamers often turn to archiving and emulation when it comes to being able to re-experience these old GameCube classics without the need for old hardware.

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