The best virtual reality games that let you be a boxer

The best VR boxing games do a great job of showcasing the high level of detail and realism that can be achieved with VR hardware. After all, there’s nothing quite as immersive as watching simulated sweat run down a guy’s face as you knock him out.

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However, you will find that the scope of this genre is not limited to just fighting, as many of the best VR boxing games also incorporate rhythmic mechanics. So if you’re ready to put on those virtual boxing gloves and duck, dodge, and punch your way to victory, these games will have you sweating in no time.


10 Creed: Ascend to Glory

boxing training with rocky in creed rise to glory vr

Creed: Rise to Glory is a cinematic VR boxing experience based on the popular film franchise where you go up against the best fighters in the world to cement your boxing legacy. Assuming the role of Adonis Creed, you will learn to hone his skills in the ring by training and competing in multiple game modes.

This includes a story-driven campaign chronicling Adonis’s rise from underdog to world-class fighter, a customizable free-play mode, and a mini-game training mode. On top of that, Rise to Glory offers online PvP matchmaking with precise upper body tracking and crossplay support.

9 knockout league

iron maiden boxing match in vr knockout league

For a more arcade-style VR boxing game with detailed body tracking, check out Knockout League. In this single-player VR game, you’ll face off against a colorful cast of characters ranging from a mad scientist to a cunning, mustachioed octopus, a sword-wielding pirate, and more.

Each opponent has a unique fighting style designed to keep you on your toes and encourage you to explore new tactics to come out on top. If you ever find yourself struggling to advance, the game gives you a way to hone your skills by executing various boxing drills.

8 mechanical league boxing

boxing ring in mech league boxing vr

Mech League: Boxing is another arcade-style VR boxing game where you fight your way to glory while competing with a roster of robotic champions. Set during the year 2025, when humans have come up with a method to control machines with VR headsets, the game casts you as an up-and-coming fighter taking part in the titular Mech League.

On your quest to rise through the robot ranks, you will travel across the universe to new and exotic arenas where the most powerful robots await you. Throughout his journey, he will be able to customize his fighter’s appearance, practice warm-up routines, and wield different weapons against his enemies.

7 drunken fight in the bar

customers boxing in drunk bar vr fight

While it’s far from the most realistic VR boxing game on this list, Drunkn Bar Fight is great for light-hearted fun, either solo or with up to four players. The premise of this game is simple: you are in a bar full of rowdy patrons looking for a fight.

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It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself trading blows with drunken NPCs and turning every item on the bar into a weapon. This includes beer bottles that can be picked up and smashed against the skulls of enemies, as well as bar stools that can be thrown against windows to break the glass.

6 vr box

rhythmic boxing on boxvr

When it comes to exercising with video games, VR rhythm games are among the most popular options, allowing you to burn calories while having fun listening to music. Also, games like BoxVR take things even further by combining intense boxing-inspired gameplay.

With 20 hours of workouts choreographed by leading fitness instructors, this game will have you shredding pounds as you throw punches in tune with the beat. Multiple fitness levels allow you to tailor the game to your desired intensity, and an in-game tracking tool can be helpful for setting goals and monitoring your progress.

5 Les Mills Body Combat

boxing training les milles bodycombat vr

Speaking of rhythm-based VR experiences, Les Mills BodyCombat is another VR boxing game that can help you get fit while having fun. Based on the world famous martial arts-inspired exercise program, welcomes you to create your own exercise regimen from a wide selection of classes.

There are 50 included workout plans in total, each designed for beginners and advanced levels with coaches to help guide you along the way. During workouts, you’ll use punches and knee strikes to smash rhythm icons while bending your body to avoid oncoming obstacles.

4 Sports all in one VR

boxing all in one vr sports

Instead of focusing solely on boxing, All-In-One Sports VR is a collection of party games that features a variety of sports-based mini-games. Of course, boxing is one of them, but there is also baseball, archery, basketball, bowling, and tennis, among many others.

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Each one is based on the official Olympic rules and incorporates physics-based gameplay, allowing you to train like a real athlete without any of the real world challenges. On top of that, All-In-One Sports VR allows you to adjust the difficulty from beginner to pro level, as well as customize your character.

3 virtual fighting championship

boxing in vr virtual fighting championship

With just the right balance between realism and over-the-top gameplay, Virtual Fighting Championship is a virtual reality boxing game inspired by fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken. Up to this point, it places a much greater emphasis on online multiplayer, with weekly and seasonal fights being hosted on the official VFC Discord server.

Beyond PvP matches, the game offers a wide range of training modes where you can practice various skills while breaking a sweat. There is also a single player campaign where you face off against challenging AI opponents with various fighting styles.

2 the fastest fist

boxing training in vr fastest fist

Next up is The Fastest Fist, a VR boxing game designed to help you improve your reaction times and boxing technique through intensive training. This is done by working with an AI trainer who shares a striking resemblance to Bruce Lee.

During training sessions, you’ll learn how to quickly throw punches and block incoming attacks, while becoming stronger and faster. Performance is tracked in real time on a visual scoreboard, and the game gives you a simple readout of your progress at the end of each session.

1 the thrill of the fight

boxing match in vr fighting thrill

Regarded as one of the best VR boxing games of all time, The Thrill Of The Fight revels in its commitment to boxing authenticity. In it, you are tasked with fighting a diverse roster of fighters with varying styles and techniques that require time and skill to defeat.

As such, you’ll want to spend some time honing your own technique between matches inside the game’s virtual gym complete with a punching bag, mannequin, and other training equipment. Please note that The Thrill Of The Fight is a room-scale VR experience that requires a minimum play area of ​​6.5 feet by 6.5 feet.

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