The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure

Trails to Azure It remarkably takes the structure of its predecessor, Trails from Zero, and improves on it in every way imaginable. This includes a greater focus on mini-games, which were relatively missing (although still present in casino form) in the first game.

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The goal of our guide is simple: to acquaint newcomers to the second chapter of Crossbell with the flurry of fun they’ll have if they stop to take a few wacky detours. One minigame in particular draws most of the game’s attention, but there are several to enjoy!

pom! pom! Party

Pathways to the Azure Pom Pom Party

Here it is, the star of the show, Trails to Azure’s premier addition to the world of JRPG minigames. Pom pom! Party proved popular enough to return twice and counting throughout the Kiseki series, once in Trails of Cold Steel 4 (which is actually the West’s first test since that game released here first) and again in Trails into Reverie.


Your personal enjoyment of Pom! pom! Match will depend largely on the answer to the following question: do you like tetris? In fact, puzzle games are similar; but then, maybe it’s unfair to pigeonhole Pom! pom! Play as “just another Tetris” when there is a widespread subgenre of games that have been successfully derived from the base formula, like Candy Crush, for example financially excellent.

In Pom! pom! Party, your goal is to fill your opponent’s screen with Poms (the colored bits) before yours is invaded. Notably, you only need to line up four or more of a particular color to remove them from your board. The fun comes from the next little twist: removing large blocks of Poms grants CP, which can be spent to attack your enemy.. (You can also use them to protect yourself against your own enemy’s attacks.)

Paths to Azure Pom Pom Party Load

If you’ve played Tetris 99, or any of its themed spinoffs, you might be familiar with the concept of launching attacks against enemies to stay ahead. The same applies here, except it’s less frantic since it’s one on one. Having said that, there are some tough enemies as you progress through the game.

The final prize is the Magus Master Quartz.which can only be obtained by defeating all the Pom! pom! Party Rival in Trails to Azure. There are eight rivals in total; you have somewhat limited windows of opportunity for when you can exchange contact information with them to start playingso we will inform you precisely when.


Available from

Speed ​​and Difficulty Rating



medium and easy


Chapter two day one

slow and easy


Chapter two, day three

high and easy


Chapter three day one

High and Normal


Chapter three, day three

slow and normal


Chapter four day one

slow and hard



tall and hard



medium and hard

Mariabel It is only available if you have completed the “My Lost Collection” side quest. Bell it is only available after you have defeated the rest of the opponents.

horror coasters

Trails to Azure Horror Roller Coaster

Horror Coaster, as the name suggests, straps you into a roller coaster and sends you through a horror-themed minigame.. You will be shooting targets for points; more importantly, Lloyd gains bond/affection points with the partner he chooses to take with him.

You can access the Horror Coaster during the Rest. Note that unlike Pom! pom! party, this is the only time you can play Horror Coaster, that is, until you finish the game, at which point it can be played in the “Extras” part of the main menu.

4,000 or more points earns you a titled trophy/achievement ‘The Phantom Menace’. And they said that the Star Wars prequels would eventually be forgotten!

While it may be tempting to select Easy instead of Normal, which reduces the number of face buttons you’ll need to control from four to two, keep in mind that Easy cuts your earned points in half. Hitting those 4,000 is, at least in our modest estimate, potentially impossible this way.

Our best advice for Horror Coaster is to ignore most enemies until they are pretty close to the ‘camera’ aka the screen.. There’s a rhythm involved in going after them as they get closer; we haven’t really found any similar rhythm otherwise. Chasing everything as soon as it comes into view is likely to scatter your shot and reduce your overall performance.

Casino games

Routes from Zero Barca Casino

The Entertainment District Casino marks its triumphant return after debuting at Trails from Zero. The essence here is the same as before; there are multiple iconic casino-based games to play, none of which are native to the Kiseki series. You’ve probably heard of poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. outside of Trails games, after all.

Slots are the simplest to understand. Just match the slots when the reels stop spinning. It’s also the most luck-based of all, at least in our estimation. It is better to play something with some degree of strategy, like poker or blackjack. Explaining these card games in detail is probably beyond the scope of TheGamer dot com – there are a billion sites on the net better equipped to dive into the intricacies of the pristine poker hand.

Don’t worry too much about becoming a poker master; Trails to Azure’s AI doesn’t really expect it from you. Just double up as much as you can to accumulate your currency of casino chips/coins, which can be exchanged for various prizes.

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