Top 5 Games to Buy for 90% Off During Steam’s Spring Sale (March 2023)

The Steam Spring Sale is now available and marks the beginning of another season of attractive discounts on games. Indie titles, major AAA releases, and everything in between are taken into account. With so many options on the platform, it can be daunting to find the best titles available at the biggest discounts. Fortunately, this article will mention five games that can be purchased at a hefty 90% discount during the ongoing Steam sale.

From big names to the forgotten, there is a good chance that the following titles will offer a good time. Whether players are new or revisiting, such offers should not be ignored.

Here Are 5 Games At 90% Off To Get From Steam’s Spring Sale

5) POSTCARD 2 ($0.99/INR48)

Considered one of the most controversial games ever made, POSTAL 2 is the best example of how a title can be just as bad as it is good. The 2003 FPS offering was developed by Running With Scissors and can be described as a run and gun shooter set in a sandbox world.

Dated gameplay aside, the highlight of this game is absolutely its raw nature and borderline juvenile handling of social issues that has led to it being banned in a handful of countries. As the Postal Dude, players try to complete daily tasks while dealing with hostile NPCs from Paradise, Arizona while killing everything that moves.

This is certainly a game with a crude sense of humor. However, those Steam players who enjoy the weird gameplay will find POSTAL 2 to be a mischievously charming experience.

4) INSIDE ($1.99/INR 56)

One of the most iconic indie titles of recent times, INSIDE from developer Playdead is a masterful blend of platforming, action, and atmosphere.

Control a child through a spooky facility overrun by mindless humanoid drones. However, threats lurk around every corner in the stealth sections, as well as during the exciting chases. The physics-driven 2.5D platforming is also included in the well-crafted puzzles that players must solve to proceed on each piece. The game launched back in 2016 on Steam, but it’s still a fan-favorite classic, having won countless awards over the years.

3) Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition ($3.99/INR 89)

First released in 2011, the Fullclip edition of this title launched in 2017 as a remastered version of the cult classic FPS game. With improved textures, lighting, and assets compared to the original, this release packs the same mayhem action Bullstorm is known for.

Developed by Painkiller’s People Can Fly, it sees protagonist Grayson Hunt embark on a path of revenge. Combat is a key highlight here, as the game rewards creative kills accomplished with its various mechanics, such as kicks, slides, and more, that can be seamlessly chained together.

It’s fun in an action-packed package that’s a relic of its gritty shooter era. But it’s also an experience Steam users shouldn’t be fooled by generic first impressions.

2) Borderlands: The pre-sequel! ($3.99/INR199)

Building on the success of 2012’s Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel is a fascinating successor. While not a main entry in the series, it does take place between the first two games in the franchise.

This title tells the story of a group of Vault Hunters led by the unique Handsome Jack, who will become the main antagonist of Borderlands 2. The team set out in search of a mysterious Vault on the moon Elpis on the planet Pandora. The gameplay offered by this title is similar to the second entry in the series as it is also a hybrid FPS/RPG looter.

But there are new additions here, notably an oxygen gauge, zero gravity segments, as well as the new laser-type weapon and cryogenic-type item. At just $3.99, or INR 199, this deal is a no-brainer, as the 2014 game also features a co-op campaign for up to four players on Steam.

1) Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order ($3.99/INR 219)

Respawn Entertainment’s debut Star Wars project surprised fans in 2019 as it was an excellent action-adventure game. Set in the iconic science fiction universe, it takes place after the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Players take on the role of a Padawan named Cal Kestis as he is hunted by the Imperial Inquisition.

The game can best be described as a 3D Metroidvania with hack and slash combat. Using both his lightsaber and his Force powers, Cal will take on challenging enemies in combat reminiscent of Soulslike games.

Buckle up: spring is coming, and so are Steam’s spring sales! From March 16 to 23 at 10 am PST, herald the sun with thousands of discounts and some new flowers in the Points Shop.

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In light of the upcoming successor called Jedi Surivor, finishing this game is a must for both fans of the genre and the franchise. The Steam Spring Sale began on March 16, 2023. It will run for one week and end on March 23, 2023 at 10am PT/1pm ET/10:30pm IST.

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