Where to see ‘The Quiet Girl’: Schedules

The 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023 was a landmark moment in awards history for a variety of reasons. The Academy Awards are simply a celebration of the best of cinema from the past year, shining a light on the most talented performers the world of cinema has to offer. movies like Everything everywhere at once, All calm on the west frontand The whale he scored big wins during the ceremony, along with plenty of big surprises. Of course, it’s vital that the most popular movies of the year are celebrated with their well-deserved fanfare, but the Academy Awards can also act as the launching pad for titles many of us may not have known about before. This year’s nominations have shed light on some fantastic films made by lesser-known filmmakers, with one film, in particular, making history. the quiet girl was nominated for Best International Film at the 95th Academy Awards, and in doing so became the first Irish-language film to be nominated for an Oscar.


This is a big step in recognizing Irish cinema and Irish filmmakers, but also for foreign language cinema in general, as the Academy’s celebratory network is slowly expanding. So with the quiet girl now posing as one of the most unlikely names on everyone’s lips after nominations, here’s where or how you can watch it.

Andrew Bennett and Catherine Clinch embracing in The Quiet Girl
Image via Break Out Pictures

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Is The Quiet Girl in theaters?

the quiet girl It will hit theaters in late 2022, but thankfully, the film is back playing in select theaters across the US.

The quiet girl Hours:

Carrie Crowley, Catherine Clinch and Andrew Bennett in The Quiet Girl
Image via Break Out Pictures

You can use the links below to find times for the quiet girl at a theater near you:

Is The Quiet Girl available to stream or on demand?

Unfortunately, the quiet girl It is not currently on any streaming services or available to rent on demand. There has also been no set date for when the movie will be available on demand.

Super LTD, the film’s distributor, is a subsidiary of Neon, a company that has a production deal with Hulu. So with that in mind, we may well see it end up on Hulu in the next few months, and many potential fans of this movie will likely be desperate to see it do so.

What is The Quiet Girl about?

'The quiet girl'

based on the tale Encourage by claire keegan, the film takes us to the summer of 1981 and follows the coming-of-age story of nine-year-old Cáit. The official plot synopsis reads:

“Rural Ireland 1981. A quiet, abandoned girl is sent away from her dysfunctional family to live with foster parents for the summer. She flourishes in their care, but in this house where there should be no secrets, she discovers one”

As one of several siblings, and with a father who prefers to fade into the background of the family unit, our protagonist is fired once her mother discovers that she is pregnant again. This gives Cáit the opportunity to experience what a happy and functional home can feel like and offers her the chance to reflect on and grow beyond her difficult upbringing.

As quoted in The Irish Post, writer and director Colm Bairead and producer Cleona Ní Chrualaoi saying:

“We are honored beyond words that An Cailín Ciúin/The Quiet Girl has been nominated for 95th Academy Awards. This is a truly historic and significant moment for Irish cinema, the Irish people and the Irish language. Never before has an Irish film been nominated in this category. Never before has Irish-language art been given such a platform. This film has been an extraordinary labor of love, and it has been a joy to see audiences around the world take it to their hearts.”

Is there a trailer for The Quiet Girl?

Yes there is, and you can see it below:

The trailer only adds to the feel that the plot synopsis gives and creates a feeling of warmth and homeliness. Even in the sub-two-minute trailer, one feels as if one is seeing this world through the eyes of a young person, with the relationship between his two adoptive parents beautifully realized and often painfully and poignantly relatable. Given the critical quotes that appear during the trailer and added to the knowledge of the Academy Award nomination, this really does seem like a must-see piece of cinema.

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Who is in The Quiet Girl?

As a film with a smaller budget and a focus on foreign language representation, the cast list may contain names unknown to many. Despite this, along with the screenplay and cinematography, to name but two, the on-screen acting talent has been a huge factor in the success of this film. So it’s only fitting that their names are celebrated and remembered for their incredible work. Included in this triumphant ensemble are Carrie Crowley who plays Eibhlín Cinnsealach, andrew bennett who plays Seán Cinnsealach, the wonderful catherine clinch who plays our protagonist Cáit, miguel patrick who plays Athair Cháit, and Kate Nic Chonaonaigh who plays Máthair Cháit. This is just a small representation of the great combined talent that plays a huge role in making this film a success.

How has The Quiet Girl been received?

Catherline Clinch hugging at the end of The Quiet Girl 2023
Image via Break Out Pictures

Along with its groundbreaking Academy Award nomination, the quiet girl has been consistently achieving enormous feats of achievement. It broke box office records for an Irish language film on its opening weekend and has even become the highest grossing Irish language film of all time. The film has already garnered countless awards at international film festivals, including wins in Berlin, Dublin, Taipei and Valladolid, a third-place Audience Award in Sydney and 8 IFTA wins. It was also nominated for several London Film Critics Circle Awards, including Breakthrough Filmmaker and Young Actor of the Year, and won Best Foreign Language Film. He also received two BAFTA nominations. own collider emma kieley praised the film, writing in his review:

It’s refreshing to see a movie that tackles some of the most intimate and personal issues humans face without feeling the need to make them grandiose to fit the movie format. The 90 minutes of the movie fly by, and while there isn’t a big reveal (except for one that happens in the middle of the movie, but it’s still not that dramatic), you feel like you’ve learned a lot about these characters. without being given spoonfuls.