Who are the parents of Utkarsh Ambudkar? Ghosts actor to surprise his family with a backyard oasis at Secret Celebrity Renovation

ghosts Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar is set to surprise his mother, Indu Ambudkar, and father, Suresh V. Ambudkar, with a backyard makeover in the upcoming episode of Secret celebrity makeover.

Utkasrsh’s father is a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and works as the Deputy Head of the Cell Biology Laboratory at the Cancer Research Center of the National Cancer Institute.

In episode 5 of Secret celebrity makeover, Utkarsh Ambudkar will team up with designer Sabrina Soto and Boston resident contractor Rob Mariano to completely renovate her parents’ “haunted” backyard. The episode will air Friday, August 26 at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.

Utkarsh Ambudkar thanks his parents for their support in Secret celebrity makeover

In the new episode of Secret celebrity makeoverActor Utkarsh Ambudkar will return home to Maryland to surprise his mother, Indu, and father, Suresh, with a new “complete deck.” The synopsis for the upcoming episode reads:

“Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar returns home to Gaithersburg, Maryland to help renovate his parents’ home and create a backyard oasis for his large extended family to enjoy.”

During his visit, the actor reflects on how he was finally able to give back to his parents who sacrificed their dreams to make his dreams and wishes come true.

In an interview with Stage Buddy in 2018, the actor said:

“I grew up on Bollywood musicals and loved them, but when I told my parents I wanted to be an actor, I think they would prefer that I go the way they did and get a Ph.D. in biochemistry.”

Recalling how his father connected with his passion, Utkarsh said:

“My father came from a small town and followed his dream of becoming one of the foremost scientists in his field. When I told him about my passion, he said he was familiar with the feeling of starting from scratch and working towards it. My my parents came to visit me when I was filming Basmati Blues and they ended up as extras in one scene. My father would push actors out of his way to get enough close-ups, I think his dream of being in a Bollywood movie came true.”

Utkarsh Ambudkar renovates his parents’ backyard in Secret celebrity makeover

In a teaser video, Utkarsh takes Sabrina and Boston into his “haunted” backyard and shows them the fragile, labor-intensive platform. He says:

“This is the area that I would really love for you to help me with.”

Boston then asks Utkarsh if there’s anything he’d like to share with them before they take down the rig, to which the actor jokingly replies:

“Well, even though the deck looks haunted, it’s not. There are no ghosts here. But there are some skeletons in the cabinets.”

They cut down an “overgrown bush that looks like a tree” to have an open view from the terrace. Utkarsh even has “a moment of silence for the tree that gave him life” for her parents’ new deck. He asks the trees to “forgive Sabrina” for giving the idea to cut them down.

In the final reveal of Secret celebrity makeoverUtkarsh’s parents are amazed at the whole makeover and how beautiful his deck turned out to be. After the backyard makeover, the father of two now wants a full overhaul of his parents’ property.

Who is Utkarsh Ambudkar in Secret celebrity makeover?

Utkarsh, 38, is an American actor and musician of Indian descent. Just a few weeks after his birth, he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and murmur, but after surgery he recovered from the condition.

He started acting at the age of seven and has acted in about 15 movies. He is best known for his performances in Pitch Perfect, Blindspotting, The Mindy Project, Y laggiesamong others.

Utkarsh is also a singer and has a verified account on Spotify. Her best known albums include regrets, pettiness, vanity, Y The Misfits EP, among others.

The actor married Naomi Campbell (not the model of the same name) on September 9, 2019 and is the father of two children.

Capture Secret celebrity makeover Friday on CBS to see the makeover.

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